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Roor Little Sista Ice Master 3.2mm - White/Red - Glass Bongs

This is called the Little Sista a smaller version of the Dealers Cup.


The Little Sister by Roor has an enlarged beaker base to allow for more coolant, thus giving you a smoother cooler smoking experience. Some Roor purists love the aesthetic tubes however Martin Birzle also found that some customers preferred a beaker base and the Little Sista was born. This pipe is the smaller model to the other beaker based roor bong the "Dealers Cup".


The roor bongs premium range comes in the following thicknesses 3.2mm, 5mm, 7mm and a one off 4.2mm. Each glass pipe in the premium range reflect the passion the artists at roor have for manufacturing only the finest glass smoking pipes money can buy. Their expense is reassurance to you, the user, that what you are buying is a hand made product of the highest calibre, lovingly made to ensure that each piece is the perfect smoking implement.


Roor Bongs creator and owner Martin Birzle personally oversees his artists at the studio in Frankenthal ensuring that each piece is lovingly made, and then signed by the artist involved. You can tell the different thicknesses by their standard colours, red is 3.2mm, white or black is 5mm, green is 7mm and yellow is a fairmaster bong which is 5mm.


Product Features

  • 3 part water pipe
  • ground joint: 14.5mm/18.8mm
  • height: 35cm
  • glass thickness: 3.2mm
The King's Stats For: Bongs

Bong Material: Clear Glass Bongs
Bong Height: Medium Bongs
Glass Thickness: 3.2mm - 4.9mm Glass Thickness
Diffuser Length:
Joint Size: 14.5mm Joint Size;18.8mm Joint Size
Mouth Piece Size: 26mm to 50mm Mouth Piece
Ice Bong: Ice Bongs
Percolator: Without Percolator
Bong Shape: Conical Bong Shape
Carburetor: No Carburetor
Bong Brands: Roor
Bong Price: Mid Range Bongs
Bong Sale Item:
Number of Bong Parts: 3 Part Glass Bong

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