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The Rok-it - Glass Bongs

The Rok-it features a 14 port dual filteration system, for a super cool clean smoke every time you light up a bowl.

The Rok-it is Red-Eye's premium bong, and many argue that it is the best bong around. 

The Rokit V5 features Red-Eye’s unique filtration system giving a clean cool smoke every time, The filtration system works by directing the smoke through a 14 port dual chamber rose that splits the smoke into thousands of bubbles, giving the optimum cleaning performance. All of the internal chamber components are manufactured from stainlesssteel to prevent any water corrosion.

The Rokit V5 is made up from 13 precision components that are all hand finished to ensure each Rokit V5 is of the highest standard. The borasilicate glass chamber is precision ground at both ends and incorporates a quad ring seal within the cylinder head to give a secure, air tight fit. The bowl and mouthpiece are tapered for maximum efficiency and are fitted with rubber o rings for a non-slip grip. The Rokit V 5 features a 130mm diameter tri-point footprint that gives excellent stability.To get the best performance from your Rokit V5 ensure that the rose filter stem mouthpiece and glass body are regularly cleaned with Red-eyes pipe klena. (Supplied)

The King's Stats For: Bongs

Bong Material: Clear Glass Bongs;Metal Bongs
Bong Height: Medium Bongs
Glass Thickness:
Diffuser Length:
Joint Size:
Mouth Piece Size:
Ice Bong: No Ice Bongs
Bong Shape: Cylindrical - Straight Bong Shape;Novelty Bong Shape
Carburetor: No Carburetor
Bong Brands: need full list
Bong Price: Mid Range Bongs
Bong Sale Item:
Number of Bong Parts:

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